The Dutch School
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Community of Edtech Entrepreneurship


The Dutch School is a community of innovative edtech startups from the Netherlands, showcasing the best in Dutch education.

Our community is built upon three pillars:



Innovative education is imperative if we are to properly prepare students for life. Providing this innovative education however is a challenging task for schools, teachers, administrators and policy makers. The Dutch School directly contributes to innovative education through our stakeholders that are inspiring and facilitating learning resources, programs and platforms based on the latest technologies and best practices. Thus they and the Dutch School aid teachers and help students through these developments to achieve their goals and succeed.



Entrepreneurship represents independence, freedom and opportunity. The Dutch educational system is geared for this by raising pupils and students not only equipped with general knowledge but also delivering specific training in skills that are vital for future entrepreneurship. The Dutch School and its Stakeholders distinguish themselves through innovative entrepreneurship while endeavouring to equip educators with the tools they need to teach pupils and students these vital skills. In addition to this The Dutch School encourages communication between students and their future labor market.



The capacity for Problem solving and Creativity go hand in hand. Thinking 'outside the box' doesn't happen in a vacuum: It demands a degree of creativity. The big problems of our time require creative and innovative forwarding thinking, with a view to create sustainable solutions for future generations. The Dutch School encourages creative thinking with its solutions, tools and platforms: This is as important for both teachers and trainers as well as pupils and students.



Why The Dutch School?

The Education Sector has the responsibility to teach children the knowledge and skills in order for them to develop into self-reliant and happy citizens of the world. Within these ever changing times open borders and rapid innovations in technology are a major challenge for Dutch Education. Therefore consistent improvement and development in Education is not merely required but necessary if we are to fulfil our mandate.

Netherlands is a country that always looks beyond its borders. We are a body never at rest but always moving. The Dutch are Global citizens which is proudly reflected in our education. Ours is a bilingual education, our country host to many international schools and within many classes attention is paid to the larger world that engages with us. We are a country of diversity, tolerance and freedom. This freedom is embodied by our schools that organize their teaching according to their own norms and values. We believe that every student deserves the education that suits them best. We consistently strive to apply this flexibility, adaptivity and progressiveness in the education our students receive.

The Dutch School is a living reflection of that mentality in Dutch Education. The companies behind the Dutch School reflect this mentality, individually and collectively building the future so that the unique and innovative character of Dutch Education not only grows but thrives.


How do we work

The Dutch School can come to you for a summit or conference about innovation in tech education. We will endeavor to bring several Dutch edtech startups. The edtech startups will decide for themselves who is going to which country/region.
This decision is based on:

  • if they (already) have a network in your region
  • if there is a demand (and therefore market) for their specific Tech innovation
  • if your region is in their international expansion plans
  • costs involved
  • theme and content of the summit/conference

What will the Dutch School bring?

  • A minimum of 3 edtech startups
  • Only CxO level from each edtech startup
  • The latest Dutch tech innovation in education
  • Willingness to give presentations any place anywhere
  • The real Dutch experience
  • All edtech startups will invest time and money to come to you

What does The Dutch School need to visit your region?

  • Close partnership with the Embassy to ensure a best possible experience for all parties involved
  • Interesting education/edtech summit/conference
  • Funding for a booth/tickets at the summit/conference
  • A compensation (%) for travel/hotel expenses