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Meet our boardmembers


Linda Frietman - Chair

Linda is founder and CEO of IamProgrez. IamProgrez delivers gamified assessments to last year students to measure their soft skills/job skills in order to bridge the gap between education and labormarket. Linda is on the 2017 list of 50 most inspiring Women in Tech in the Netherlands.  

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jeroen strijbosch - secretary     

Apart from being the secretary at The Dutch School, Jeroen is sales and marketing at SOWISO. SOWISO brings interactive, personalized learning to math and science education through an online learning environment and accompanying mathematics courses. He is also the co-founder of Project Indus, where he works on an intercultural project sharing platform for secondary education. He has a background in Japanese Studies, born out of a love for languages and cultures. 


dirk verweij - treasurer

Dirk Verweij is treasurer of the board of The Dutch School, and the manager of bettermarks Netherlands which offers fully digital mathematics and calculus courses for secondary education. He started his career at one of the largest international educational publishers and have a lot of experience with education and technology. He has experienced how the right technology can really help improve education and the positive impact it can have on both teachers and students. It is his passion to share the progress and advantages of edtech more widely. The Dutch School plays an important role in sharing this on a national and international level and he is happy to contribute to that.


natasja vranken

Natasja is founder and CEO of Projects4Learning. She is a driven and innovative entrepreneur with a huge passion and drive to reform education. Her vision and ability to enthuse those around her is very contagious. It's therefore no surprise she loves to share her knowledge and expertise with others.


janneke plaisier

Janneke Plaisier is one of the founders of LessonUp. Prior to founding LessonUp Janneke worked at various educational publishing companies, providing her with ample opportunity to visit many schools, speak to hundreds of teachers and attend as many classes. This gave her a clear picture of how technology can contribute improving education, as well as making it more fun -- not only for the students, but also the teachers!


cristian bello

Cristian is the founder and CEO of Bomberbot.com, a platform that helps children develop 21st-century skills. Cristian is passionate about Education and has started two other educational startups in the past.