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The Dutch School

Edtech community from the Netherlands


Bringing the Dutch edtech community together


The Dutch School is a community of innovative Dutch edtech startups bringing everything the Netherlands has to offer with one ambition:

Show what tech innovation can do for education!

The Dutch School is a living reflection of that mentality in Dutch education. The companies behind the Dutch School reflect this mentality, individually and collectively building the future so that the unique and innovative character of Dutch education not only grows but thrives.

In the Dutch School you can find this mentality in all our innovative solutions. Our community consists of start-ups innovating in all aspects of teaching and learning. These range from remote examinations to language revision and from maths to general knowledge.

Dutch start-ups showcase new technologies to use in both traditional and creative teaching methods in primary, secondary and higher education.



Community Areas

Content providers

It might seem straightforward, but good content is critical to deep learning. Besides, without content, there is nothing to teach. Our edtech companies release large amounts of digital educational content, for various subject areas, age groups and educational levels. 

21st century skills

The 21st century skills are a set of abilities that help students of all ages succeed in the modern information age, whether these are related to learning, literacy or (social) life. Our community members have created several products to help students and schools master these skills.

Teacher Support

Teachers are, and will continue to be, indispensable. Education technology can help educators eliminate some time-consuming tasks, in addition to giving teachers extra information they can use to improve the learning experience of their students.


study support

Our community members have created numerous tools which help students learn by enabling them to increase their productivity through educational tools for traditional education, self-directed learning or community learning. 

serious gaming

Games are fun, but they can be educational too. Serious games uses cognitive science to publish games that are engaging, but also allow educational content to stick better and longer than in a traditional sense.